Junior Security Analyst

Job Title: Junior Security Analyst
£30000 - £45000 per annum + Benefits
Contract Type:
Start Date:
Job Published: 19th March 2019

About the Job

The primary focus of the Junior GRC Security Analyst role is to ensure the current IT infrastructure security measures are maintained and kept up to date through a changing threat landscape. Not all security remediation activities can be performed by the role so liaison with other teams will be necessary - however, this role retains the overall responsibility to ensure fixes are applied in a timely manner.

The role also has responsibility for day-to-day service monitoring from a security viewpoint in order to identify trends and proactively remediate possible exposures and ensuring that any new services (whether newly designed or absorbed as part of merger/acquisition activity) are brought up to the same security standard as existing services.

Key Duties and Responsibilites

  • Technical
    • Reduce backlog of security vulnerabilities within the IT portfolio and ensure new vulnerabilities are addressed in an appropriate timescale
    • Support project work from an IT security viewpoint as required, including the take on of new services
    • Review output from security monitors and tools and escalate or take appropriate action accordingly
    • Respond appropriately to audit recommendations
    • Support patching and other preventative security-related activities as needed
  • Procedural
    • Follow core processes and procedures such as change control and incident logging
    • Keep appropriate records and update documentation or checklists as applicable
    • Maintain awareness of security threat landscape pertaining to Paragon services and advise accordingly

Key Skills and Knoeldege

  • Corporate
    • Basic awareness of Paragon Banking Group key business lines.
  • Communications
    • Good written and verbal communication skills adequate to convey technical concepts to a non-technical audience.
    • Liaise with other teams as required.
  • Policies and procedures
    • Key HR procedures, H&S and other mandated procedures.
    • Data Protection Act and other applicable legislation.
  • Technical
    • Install, tailor, maintain, operate and interpret output from the Paragon security tool set
    • Manage and interpret results from security activities such as pen-tests

Ability to evaluate security tools against defined criteria.

Conduct Risk

  • Understand how the principles of conduct risk impact on the processes and procedures within your role.
  • Treat customers fairly by ensuring all communication to an individual is clear, fair, jargon free and that all of their questions are answered by providing full information; enabling someone to make an informed decision.

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